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Since the mid 80's redwood as we used to be able to get it, is no longer  available. Gone are the days when you could go into your local lumber yard and purchase clear heartwood, quarter sawn, kiln dried Pacific Northwest redwood. Long established in the sign industry due to it's tremendous weather resistance and ability to repel insects, redwood has been the choice of carvers and sandblasters for its beauty and stability for years. Now the good stuff is almost nonexistent.  If you have a redwood sign, wouldn't reclaiming that natural resource be a better idea? We believe it is. Some may say that high density urethane (or sign foam as it's known) is a better alternative. Really? more petrochemicals and processing from oil? How about preserving history and at the same time renewing that most precious of resources? Reclaim it, Restore it and give it a second life.


We are members of the Western New York Landmark Society. Protectors of the past and a great source of education and preservation, We strive to uphold the highest standards of historical restoration.

We are insured and licensed in New York State and have great references where required.


We will analyze your project for its restoration potential. We submit architectural drawings and renderings to comply with any local zoning, municipality and landlord criteria.

New signs? We build those too.

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